Developer and Creditor Issues

Developers take on substantial risk when investing in construction and development projects. Money, time, reputation, opportunity costs and commitments to investors are all on the line. When problems arise, they need to feel confident that the lawyer representing them will act quickly and efficiently to remedy the problem and keep the project on track.

Since its founding in 2000, the construction law firm of Bishop & Reidy, P.C., has been resolving developer disputes and construction-related creditor issues for clients across Massachusetts. Attorney John Reidy has been helping the construction industry resolve these conflicts for almost 30 years.

We believe in providing exceptional legal service at reasonable rates. If you are involved in a creditor or developer dispute putting your project in jeopardy, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Nearly 60 Years Of Successful Legal Advocacy

Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of developer disputes, particularly those involving breach of contract claims against general contractors or other parties. Whether the issue involves nonpayment to a subcontractor or material supplier or a mechanic's lien having been filed, we can help resolve it.

We help clients resolve these disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, with the goals of using the most cost-effective process and preserving important business relationships. A variety of remedies are available in developer disputes, including:

  • Renegotiate the contract to extend the time period, include on-time performance bonuses, or impose penalties for lateness
  • Obtain consent or force assignment of contractual responsibilities, compensation and costs to a new party
  • Perfect a surety bond, such as a performance or payment bond, to ensure completion of the project
  • File lawsuits for damages or specific performance
  • Represent creditors in bankruptcy when any key party becomes insolvent

Our firm has built its reputation on resolving construction disputes fairly, using a reasonable fee structure. Clients of our firm can be assured we will explore every option to remedy the developer disputes before resorting to litigation.

If you are involved in a developer dispute in the Boston area or Greater Massachusetts, contact us.