Mechanic's Liens

Bishop & Reidy, P.C., is a leading construction firm serving the payment remedy needs of construction professionals throughout the Boston area. Attorneys Paul Bishop and John Reidy started the firm in 2000 on the principle that construction professionals deserved to have responsive, knowledgeable attorneys meeting their legal needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

When you hire our firm, we will help you understand all of your payment remedy options. Contact the skilled Boston mechanic's lien lawyers to set up a consultation.

Alternative Payment Dispute Resolutions

Construction nonpayment disputes don't necessarily require measures such as stop-work orders and mechanic's liens for satisfactory resolution. Our experienced attorneys can often resolve payment issues by negotiating a demand for direct payment and proposing other payment solutions.

When mechanic's liens or litigation becomes necessary, we protect our clients' interests until the matter is completely resolved. We know that a mechanic's lien is often the contractor's only chance to receive payment for work performed.

Understanding Mechanic's Liens

A mechanic's lien is a claim upon property to secure priority payment for work performed or materials provided. Mechanic's liens are used to prevent property owners from realizing financial gains by selling improved property before paying the contractors.

In Massachusetts, a contractor must meet certain requirements to file a mechanic's lien. Our attorneys will help you understand all aspects of the mechanic's lien, including:

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