Marital Property Valuation And Division

The fair valuation and division of marital property assets are some of the most complex issues that family law attorneys encounter. Most people aren't aware of the current and future value of their assets, including pension plans, stock funds, real estate property, and businesses. Bishop & Reidy, P.C., has the technical and professional resources to provide a full valuation of marriage assets.

We work with a variety of business valuation consultants, pension evaluators, and actuarial experts to make sure that marriage property is fully valued for fair distribution in a settlement agreement or court order.

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A Common-Sense Approach To Getting The Settlement You Need

Our experienced divorce lawyers take a level-headed approach to marriage property division. We help our clients understand when some assets are worth fighting for in court and when it is more cost-effective to negotiate an amicable settlement. We will always keep your personal and family needs ahead of our own.

We can help you value and divide all types of property in your divorce, including:

Locating Hidden Assets

One of the most difficult tasks for many divorce attorneys is locating hidden assets and investment accounts. Second marriages, in particular, often include hidden assets that were not disclosed to spouses, particularly if no prenuptial agreement was drafted. We use forensic accountants and other financial investigators to discover where money may be hidden or has not been appropriately accounted for. We have helped our clients uncover financial assets hidden under many complex layers of accounting tricks, silent partnerships, and confidential agreements. We take marital estate property division seriously to protect our clients' interests.

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If you are considering a divorce, don't assume that you will be awarded a fair property settlement. We help you protect your rights and interests. Contact our family law attorneys to help you get the marital property division you are entitled to.