Quincy Divorce Modification Attorneys

Bishop & Reidy, P.C., in Quincy can help you with all of your divorce settlement and child custody modification needs. Our attorneys work hard to make sure family law judges recognize your changing circumstances.

We have earned a reputation in family courts throughout eastern Massachusetts for our integrity and concern for meeting our clients' needs. We will develop and present a clear case for your modification needs and are dedicated to helping you get your request approved.

To discuss the changes you need to your settlement or custody order, contact our Norfolk divorce modification lawyers.

Support Reductions And Increases

Our family law attorneys represent clients with divorce modification issues, including:

Most of our clients seek a reduction in support or alimony payments. However, it is important to remember that custodial parents have an equal right to request an increase in child support to provide for the welfare of the child or themselves. Whether you need an increase or a decrease to your child support or alimony, we can help you.

A Separation Agreement Isn't Necessarily Binding

If you and your spouse have signed a legal separation agreement intended to serve as terms of an eventual settlement after divorce, the terms may still be modified. For instance, the level of child support ordered in a divorce judgment or who pays for college or health insurance may be changed depending upon the circumstances.

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