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December 2012 Archives

Settlement agreement reached in connection to Grammer divorce

Sometimes, a married couple will make the decision to get a divorce. A divorce can give rise to many important issues. For example, financial issues (such as property division) can come up in a divorce. If a divorcing couple has children, issues such as child custody and child support can also arise in connection to their divorce. What resolutions are ultimately reached in regards to divorce-related issues can be very impactful on all of the parties involved.

Child support and social media

A man who claims he is unable to pay child support to his 6-year-old daughter is under investigation by courts after posting incriminating photos on his Facebook page. According to reports, prosecutors are looking at one specific photo in which the man is holding a large amount of cash.

When dividing property in divorce, don't forget about insurance

Couples in Massachusetts who make the decision to divorce often find themselves with a long to-do list. Even in an uncontested divorce, parting spouses have to settle what can seem like an endless number of details, from child custody to the division of property and assets. When all is said and done, there may still be arrangements that get left unsettled.