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Interesting divorce trends of 2012

As our Massachusetts readers may be familiar with, divorce can happen for many different reasons. In a new article from Huffington Post, researchers found the most interesting divorce trends of 2012. Some of these findings may surprise a few of our readers, while others of them are fairly cut-and-dry.

Among the findings, researchers found that cold feet before getting married actually could lead to divorce later on in life, but don't believe the old adage of moving in together before marriage being a trigger for divorce to be true.

The study showed that men and women may handle divorce differently, stating that men tend to turn to drinking more than women after a divorce, and women tend to work more hours when facing this situation. Researchers also found that divorce could be in a woman's genes, targeting commitment issues as the problem.

Something that may be surprising that researchers found is that couples who share housework are more likely to get a divorce than those who don't. Equally interesting was the finding that a close relationship with your in-laws may change your odds of getting a divorce, either for better or for worse.

One fact that may not be as surprising as the rest is simply that divorce is too costly for the poorest Americans, as it is no secret that divorce proceedings can get very expensive. Along with being financially draining, emotions run high during a divorce, and this study found that divorce earlier in life can be more hurtful to your health.

Source:, "Divorce Study: The Most Fascinating Divorce Findings Of 2012," Brittany Wong, Dec. 31, 2012

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