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February 2013 Archives

Fraser: "Mummy" money not enough to make alimony payments

Brendan Fraser, well-known to Massachusetts movie buffs as the star of the "Mummy" franchise, has been making recent headlines in connection with his personal life. In Connecticut court last week, Fraser attempted to reduce a $900,000 alimony and child support settlement from 2009, claiming his Hollywood star no longer burns so brightly. Afton Smith, Fraser's ex-wife, shot back claiming Fraser hid $9 million in film contracts during their previous negotiation.

High profile divorce ends with spousal support obligation

Sadly, many marriages end in divorce. When they do, several issues must be dealt with including property division, child custody, and child support. Perhaps the most difficult aspect to settle is alimony. To get a clearer idea of how alimony works an example is of use.

Men face challenges when it comes to custody and child support

As our Quincy and Norfolk readers are likely aware, when a couple decides to divorce or split up, the process typically isn't easy for either party. And while many separation discussions center on the hardships women confront at the end of a relationship, men also face unique challenges, especially in terms of child custody rights and child support obligations.