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Fraser: "Mummy" money not enough to make alimony payments

Brendan Fraser, well-known to Massachusetts movie buffs as the star of the "Mummy" franchise, has been making recent headlines in connection with his personal life. In Connecticut court last week, Fraser attempted to reduce a $900,000 alimony and child support settlement from 2009, claiming his Hollywood star no longer burns so brightly. Afton Smith, Fraser's ex-wife, shot back claiming Fraser hid $9 million in film contracts during their previous negotiation.

Alimony, or spousal support, can lead to emotional legal battles when couples split. While many factors are weighed, such as length of marriage and the earning capacity of the dependent spouse, rarely is blockbuster appeal considered by the court. Not so, in the case if film star Fraser. Though Fraser admits to acting in several movies since the settlement, he also said he expects to make $0 in income from acting in the future. Despite the sometimes fickle nature of Hollywood fame and Fraser's claim of medical difficulties, his ex-wife maintains the previous settlement should increase.

Even outside the glare of the silver screen, alimony cases are often complex and confusing. In Massachusetts, for example, there are no formal guidelines for determining the amount of monthly payments for alimony. Additionally, nebulous factors such as age, health and lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage may be taken into consideration during alimony proceedings. Even after a deal is reached, spouses can still request either a reduction or increase to the payments if circumstances change.

In the case of Fraser and Smith, the stars really are just like us - attempting to wade through the legal realities of the end of a marriage. Vague guidelines, such as those here in Massachusetts, can make the process of determining spousal maintenance all the more arduous. Fortunately, one need not be a movie star to benefit from the help of experienced legal professionals in a divorce.

Source: New York Post, "Ex digging for 'Mummy' $$," Laurel Babcock, Dan Mangan, Feb. 11, 2013

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