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March 2013 Archives

Non-marriage leads to non-traditional "divorces"

In Massachusetts and other states in the union, more and more couples are foregoing traditional marriage for more free-form relationships. Though often seen as a more flexible, and thus more likely to endure, the ending of these non-binding unions creates unique problems. Traditional areas of divorce dispute, such as division of assets, child support obligations and alimony become much trickier when there is no legal union to begin with.

A call to focus on the "child" in child support

Recently in the news (and on this blog as well), reports and comments circulated around a man who owed over $1 million in delinquent child support payments. Reactions to the man's story and the consequences of his actions were often strong and emotional. Anyone going through the difficult process of divorce and dealing with a child support dispute understands how high and hot emotions can run with regard to this topic.

Self-employed spouses may face complex asset division in divorce

Massachusetts film and television fans are likely well aware of the marital discord between high-profile couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. After six years of marriage, Moore made public her intention to end her relationship with Kutcher in 2011. She has only recently filed the actual paperwork for divorce, however, and reports suggest that a dispute over asset division has prevented the couple from reaching a settlement.

Man arrested abroad owes $1.2 million in unpaid child support

Many people fall behind on bills every now and then. Especially during the current tough financial times facing all Bostonians, it is becoming more and more common to be a little late with the rent, energy bill or car payment. But when the late payment involves child support, it is unfortunately children who feel the pinch. For a man recently arrested in the Philippines, however, the troubles with child support went far beyond just a missed payment or two.

House sometimes a hot potato for divorcing Boston couples

Over the past several years, many Boston residents' assumptions about owning a house and taking on a mortgage have been turned upside down. This fact can further complicate property division during a divorce. Past arguments typically focused on who would keep the house, while now the discussion often revolves around who will deal with the burden of home debt.