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April 2013 Archives

Woman calls police for divorce help, cited for disorderly conduct

Going through a divorce is a difficult experience for anyone. Turning to traditional sources of help is a common reaction, usually friends and family. For one woman, however, the source she turned to was unable to help with the traditional issues related to divorce, such as child custody decisions or asset division.

New alimony law ends permanent support

The concept of marriage has been in the media spotlight for much of the year and took a prominent place in the previous election cycle. While much of this attention has focused on whether or not the right to marry should be extended to same-sex couples, other recent developments center around the end of marriage. A Florida bill recently took up the issue of permanent spousal support.

Being first to divorce court has several benefits

Though most married couples say "I do" at the same time, few say "I don't want to anymore" in unison. Divorce announcements can fall like an ACME anvil out of the clear blue sky on unsuspecting spouses. Others might have some notion that their once life partner is looking to split. In still other cases, the two parties may already be separated, but no official steps have been taken to dissolve the union.

Oil man's divorce could lead to billions in alimony

Sadly, "till death do we part" is not often the reason that couples separate in the modern era of marriage. It is common knowledge that the divorce rate is high and that couples splitting need to go through the complex (and sometimes ugly) process of asset division. While some people decide on who should get the house or the furniture, the discussion changed when an oil tycoon worth billions is involved.