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May 2013 Archives

Prenuptial agreements offer protections from changing laws

As a Massachusetts couple prepares to say, "I do" it is impossible for them to foresee into the future. Many obstacles may enter their path and, sometimes, the challenges within the marriage become too great. At no fault of the parties, marriages can dissolve and when this happens the important question of "What's next?" enters the picture. Prenuptial agreements can provide guidance for the difficult decisions that may follow.

Business assets throw monkey wrench into Kutcher-Moore divorce

As Massachusetts readers of our blog may recall from a previous post, high-profile couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were married for six years when they decided to end their marriage. That decision was made around two years ago and the couple has yet to reach a settlement. Recently reports have emerged that one of Kutcher's business assets has proven to be a stumbling block in finalizing the divorce.

The benefits of prenuptial agreements in today's society

Massachusetts residents who are thinking about marriage or worried about asset protection may have many things weighing on their mind and considerations to ponder. One important issue that should be near the front of the brain is whether a prenuptial agreement is needed. The notion that prenuptial agreements are only for the famous and the wealthy is a thing of the past.

Kardashian and husband finally say I do ... agree to divorce you

The entertainment and sports worlds comprise a large part of Americans' collective passions. When those worlds collide, like they do at the Super Bowl and its famed halftime show, millions of people tune in to take in the spectacle. For one couple who attempted to bridge those two worlds, millions have been following the spectacle not on the screen or the stage or even the basketball court, but on the continuing news coverage of the legal drama of their protracted divorce.