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Kardashian and husband finally say I do ... agree to divorce you

The entertainment and sports worlds comprise a large part of Americans' collective passions. When those worlds collide, like they do at the Super Bowl and its famed halftime show, millions of people tune in to take in the spectacle. For one couple who attempted to bridge those two worlds, millions have been following the spectacle not on the screen or the stage or even the basketball court, but on the continuing news coverage of the legal drama of their protracted divorce.

Recently, television reality show star Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband and current NBA basketball player Kris Humphries finalized their divorce. While much was made of the whirlwind wedding that ultimately lasted less than six months, the final court proceeding was fairly straightforward.

Humphries had claimed that the elaborate wedding ceremony and extensive coverage was merely a media ploy meant to raise the ratings of Kardashian's television show. Because of this, he originally sought an annulment. Ultimately, the two agreed on a traditional divorce with the official reason listed as irreconcilable differences.

In addition to stating the reasons for the divorce, the recently approved settlement most likely stated the asset division between the two celebrities. While this aspect of the divorce was kept quiet during the court proceedings, often the disagreement over who gets what can be the most emotional and dramatic part of a divorce proceeding.

In a state like Massachusetts, the judge has discretion to divide the property between the two parties based on what appears equitable to the court. A 50/50 split might not be the most fair or equitable division of the marital property in the eyes of the court. The short duration of this marriage also may impact the division of property in this divorce.

For high-asset couples such as Kardashian and Humphries, who gets what could mean millions of dollars for one party or the other.

Source: CBS Atlanta, "Kardashian-Humphries divorce settlement approved," Linda Deutsch, April 19, 2013

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