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July 2013 Archives

Prenuptial agreements still a good practice

The Supreme Court's recent decisions regarding homosexual couples right to marry have opened the door for more people to rush to the altar. Here in Massachusetts and across the country, same-sex partners may now be seriously considering whether marriage is right for them and what steps they should take to enact such a union.

Update: Cyrus couple calls off divorce

An earlier post on this blog discussed a divorce announcement by Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Recent reports are showing, however, that the couple has decided not to move forward with the divorce. The couple recently underwent couple's therapy and found the treatment particularly useful. They noted the unique impact that the entertainment industry has had on their relationship, but hope that this reconciliation will last.

MA same-sex couples and the impact on divorce and alimony

As many Americans know, the Supreme Court recently decided that same-sex couples that are married will be recognized as such under federal laws that effect marital rights and privileges. For these couples, this opens the door to Social Security, beneficiary designations, divorce, alimony and so much more.

Supporting Massachusetts children through a difficult divorce

When a divorce is underway, children in Massachusetts may become overwhelmed. In their eyes, there are so many unanswered questions such as "Why is this happening?" "Where will I live?" and "Is this my fault?" Because children can have a difficult time handling the effects of an adult divorce proceeding, it is important to make sure they have ample support to enhance their understanding and development.

Divorce, inheritance and property division

When loved ones pass away in Quincy, Massachusetts, the family is left to distribute all of the assets left behind. Sometimes, a loved one will take precautions, and set up a will that directly states who is to get what inheritance. Research demonstrates that many individuals today are losing these inheritances, and inheritances may become a thing of the past.