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Update: Cyrus couple calls off divorce

An earlier post on this blog discussed a divorce announcement by Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Recent reports are showing, however, that the couple has decided not to move forward with the divorce. The couple recently underwent couple's therapy and found the treatment particularly useful. They noted the unique impact that the entertainment industry has had on their relationship, but hope that this reconciliation will last.

With all of the complexities involved in a marriage, there is no absolute certainty that a marriage will last. Many complications lie in the path of newly wed couples and the reality is that 50 percent of marriages do end in divorce. When a divorce does occur and it happens between two people with as many assets as the Cyrus family, certain complications are bound to arise.

High asset divorces prove challenging because of the sheer amount of "stuff" that must be divided between the divorcing couple. When a high asset divorce occurs in the state of Massachusetts it is subject to equitable distribution law. This means that a judge will decide what is fair. The property is not simply split 50-50 and each party, instead, receives a percentage of the marital estate.

When dividing assets, certain bits of property are exempt. Separate property includes possessions of one individual that was acquired before the marriage and kept separate. These bits of property are not considered to be a part of the marital estate and are not subject to division if a divorce occurs. Community property, however, is a part of the marital estate. This includes all property that was gained during the course of the marriage and includes earnings, as well as debt.

Couples counseling may provide relief for some families, but when counseling is not enough, a divorce may still be necessary. Speaking with an experienced legal professional in the state of Massachusetts is the best way to explore one's options and protect one's rights and property.

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