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August 2013 Archives

Important financial aspects of grey divorce in Massachusetts

Couples in Massachusetts may be considering divorce at an older age, which poses some particular issues that may not always be the primary concerns of younger couples. Older couples facing divorce, also commonly known as a grey divorce, tend to have financial issues that directly affect retirement savings or planning.

Mayor reports inability to pay support payments

Alimony and child support are two payments that can be awarded after a divorce proceeding. Alimony assists an ex-spouse, who may not be able to financially provide for himself or herself, after the marriage and child support assists the custodial parent in caring for the child's basic needs. When these payments have been awarded, but are not being paid, individuals can seek methods to enforce the child support or spousal support payment orders.

$10 million divorce possible for Dwyane Wade

Massachusetts's couples seeking to dissolve their marriage understand that a divorce does not always resolve quickly. This can be true of any divorce. Some divorces, however, can be particularly lengthy and involve much time and energy. In these situations it is imperative that details are not overlooked.

Basketball player Nash may have increased child support

When a divorce occurs and children are involved, physical custody must be determined. When one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the court often imposes child support payments on the non-custodial parent. These payments are in place in order to support the children through their education and daily needs. Child support agreements can be enforced, or modified depending on the circumstances.