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Basketball player Nash may have increased child support

When a divorce occurs and children are involved, physical custody must be determined. When one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the court often imposes child support payments on the non-custodial parent. These payments are in place in order to support the children through their education and daily needs. Child support agreements can be enforced, or modified depending on the circumstances.

A judge recently took into consideration child support payments for basketball player Steve Nash. The case is on appeal, examining a request for an increase in child support payments. The judge has taken into consideration that Nash is contracted to be making more money in upcoming years. The judge also noted that the court looks beyond what is minimal; making a determination for the children on the amount that is reasonable.

When a court in the state of Massachusetts makes a determination about child support, they take into consideration many factors. Some of these include the income of each parent and the specific needs of the children. The court initially creates a child support order when the divorce is finalized.

The government can enforce a child support order when a non-custodial parent is not paying the amount that is owed. The order can also be modified in the event that there is a change in circumstances. Examples of a change of circumstance can include a decrease in an individual's income, loss of a job and changed needs of a child.

Enforcing an order or seeking a modification can be a complicated legal process in the state of Massachusetts. Speaking with an experienced legal professional is one way to ensure that all avenues are covered and one's rights are adequately protected.

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