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September 2013 Archives

Ex-Husband denied release over unpaid alimony

Alimony payments are sometimes awarded to one spouse at the end of a relationship in order to help that individual pick up the pieces and move on with his or her life in a similar financial manner as during the marriage. After many years of caring for the home, for example, an individual may not know how to enter the job market or where to start. Alimony allows that individual the opportunity to gain an education or otherwise live in the way that they had before their marriage had ended.

Costly divorces force Robin Williams to downsize

Actor Robin Williams is well known for his sense of humor and fun personality in front of the camera. In a recent interview, Williams spoke out about his personal life and why he has made the decision to return to television in the new comedy "The Crazy Ones."

Child support enforcement stepping it up on the East Coast

A child support payment has an incredibly important function. It helps a custodial parent pay for the needs of the couple's child. When a child support payment is not paid, that child may go without some of their basic needs that are important for development. When found in these situations, enforcement may be necessary.

Dividing assets in Massachusetts later in life

More and more divorces are taking place later in life. When a divorce occurs with a couple that is over 50, there are many unique concerns that do not affect a couple that divorces at 35. Older couples may have concerns with retirement, financial planning and future work concerns.