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Child support enforcement stepping it up on the East Coast

A child support payment has an incredibly important function. It helps a custodial parent pay for the needs of the couple's child. When a child support payment is not paid, that child may go without some of their basic needs that are important for development. When found in these situations, enforcement may be necessary.

Recently in Massachusetts's neighboring state, Rhode Island, 30 people were arrested because of their delinquent child support payments. The collective group owed a total of $367,724.37 with the highest individual back-owing $37,760.30. The arrest was the result of collective work between the Rhode Island State Police, the Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs and the United States Marshals Service.

Enforcement of child support payments is also available in the state of Massachusetts. The state may do this in several different ways. To force an individual to pay, the state may garnish some of that individual's wages. They can also hold money from an individual's tax refund, lottery winnings or social security checks.

When unpaid payments exist, the government can try to get an individual to pay by denying them a passport or suspending a current license that they have. These rights are restored once an individual pays the monies owed.

One last attempt to enforce child support payments is to send the individual to jail. This course of action is typically reserved as a last resort because the individual is not making money to pay the support while incarcerated. The experience, however, may have a deterrence effect and encourage the individual to make payments.

Enforcement of child support in Massachusetts can be a difficult and complex process, however, custodial parents are entitled to all custody support money laid out in the custody order. Speaking with an experienced legal professional is a beneficial way for these parents to protect their rights and their children.

Source: Providence Journal, "30 people owing child support arrested in RI sweep," Donita Naylor, September 4, 2013

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