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Costly divorces force Robin Williams to downsize

Actor Robin Williams is well known for his sense of humor and fun personality in front of the camera. In a recent interview, Williams spoke out about his personal life and why he has made the decision to return to television in the new comedy "The Crazy Ones."

Williams has been through two divorces in his life. The first was after a 10-year marriage and ended in 1988. The second ended in 2008 after 19 years. It is estimated that these divorces cost the actor around 20 million dollars. Williams has recently decided to sell his home in Napa and start acting again in order to pay the bills. Although divorce may not be the sole reason for his life change, Williams does admit that divorce is expensive claiming that divorce is like "ripping your heart out through your wallet."

When a divorce occurs for a wealthy individual, added complexities enter the picture. A high asset divorce is complicated in that it involves many more possessions and debts between the couple that must now be divided. Care must be taken during a high asset divorce in order to protect an individual from losing everything.

When dividing assets in divorce, the court separates the property into two categories. These are community property and separate property. Everything that qualifies as community property is something that the couple owned together in the marriage. Everything that belongs strictly to the individual, on the other hand, qualifies as separate property.

When courts in the state of Massachusetts divide community property, they do so by equitable distribution. This means that the courts will divide the property, but may not decide to do so in a perfect 50/50 fashion. Because of this, an individual in the state of Massachusetts must advocate for himself or herself in the most persuasive way possible in order to get the court to agree with his or her side.

A high asset divorce in Massachusetts involves a lot of time and patience. Involving the assistance of an experienced legal professional in the process is one way that an individual can ensure that their rights are being protected.

Source: Huffington Post, "Robin Williams Talks Divorce, Alcohol Abuse And TV Show In New Interview," September 13, 2013

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