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Ex-Husband denied release over unpaid alimony

Alimony payments are sometimes awarded to one spouse at the end of a relationship in order to help that individual pick up the pieces and move on with his or her life in a similar financial manner as during the marriage. After many years of caring for the home, for example, an individual may not know how to enter the job market or where to start. Alimony allows that individual the opportunity to gain an education or otherwise live in the way that they had before their marriage had ended.

In the neighboring state of New Jersey a man was recently sent to jail for missing his alimony payments. The man is being ordered to pay a sum of $25,000 to his arrears of the $233,000 that he owes. The man has suffered from job loss and has had difficulty paying his ex-wife the alimony and child support that the court ordered.

New Jersey is starting to recognize that some aspects of alimony are becoming problematic. With the economy and unpredictable changes, individuals are sometimes unable to uphold their support commitments. This is why there is currently proposed legislation in New Jersey that would allow modification of alimony payments for changed circumstances in an individual's life. This bill is modeled after the bill that passed a year ago in Massachusetts and bases alimony on several factors including the length of the marriage, income and retirement.

Alimony reform has changed the laws in Massachusetts. It also recognizes that a change in circumstances may qualify as a reason to alter the amount awarded in alimony. There has been much change in laws pertaining to alimony recently, and much of that change stems from culture changes. Women in society are being viewed as less dependent. This view is reflected in new Massachusetts law.

When an individual in the state of Massachusetts finds himself or herself in a place where alimony payments are no longer feasible, they are not left without options. These individuals are able to take their case before a judge in order to request a modification of support. Those interested in this process are able to find support from experienced legal professionals in order to come to an agreement that better reflects their current situation.

Source: Bloomberg, "New Jersey Ex-Husband Fighting Alimony Denied Release," Sophia Pearson, September 9, 2013

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