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December 2013 Archives

Christmas plans lead to child support dispute

Making decisions that both parties agree on is a difficult thing for many Massachusetts couples. Making these decisions about matters concerning children after a separation or divorce is often even harder. Child support is one of those frequently contentious issues and some parents attempt to use the payment or non-payment of child support as a weapon to their ex-spouse, instead of as a way to provide for the needs of their children.

Loud rocker and singer-model quietly finalize their divorce

Massachusetts music fans may recall that when rocker Jack White and model-singer Karen Elson decided to get divorced, they held a party together to celebrate, complete with fancy invitations and a swing band. Unfortunately, that spirit of cooperation did not last. At one point earlier this year, Elson asked for a restraining order against White. He denied her accusations that he had threatened her.

Options for parents trying to obtain child support

Obtaining child support can be a difficult task. Child support is created in order to ensure that the child has the financial support of both parents. Without this support, children may go without some of their basic needs. These payments are essential to the child's growth and development.