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Alimony no longer just for women

Traditionally, alimony has been thought of as payment from a husband to a wife to help her financially after a divorce. This thought mainly developed because women were found at a large financial disadvantage following divorce. Today, however, women have made much economic progress. In fact, in some marriages, the woman acts as the breadwinner, while her husband acts as the homemaker.

With society's changing views towards gender roles, it is only appropriate for the law to adapt to these changes. More and more men are finding themselves at a financial disadvantage upon divorce and are seeking spousal support from their ex-wives.

One man explained his circumstances and why he was seeking alimony from his wife. The man is a small business owner, but makes nowhere near what his orthopedic surgeon wife does. The man stated that his wife knew she was the primary earner and for him to seek alimony seemed completely appropriate. The economic shift and the change in biases in the law have created avenues for men, such as this one, to come forward and ask for the support they need to start their new lives.

Alimony was created in order to limit any unfair economic effects of divorce. The amount of payment is determined on a number of factors that can include the length of the marriage, the standard of living created during the marriage and the ability of each individual to support his or herself.

Specific laws come into play in the state of Massachusetts that dictate how and when alimony is appropriate. Discussing these laws and an individual's specific circumstances with an experienced Massachusetts legal professional may place a divorcing party in a strong post-divorce financial position.

Source: Reuters, "More men get alimony from their ex-wives," Geoff Williams, Dec. 24, 2013

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