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Hilary Duff separates from hockey pro husband

Hilary Duff is an actress who began on the Disney Channel. The actress, however, is now 26-years-old and all grown up. Recently, Duff has had to handle some very difficult family matters and it appears as if those problems will lead her towards a divorce.

Duff married Mike Comrie, a professional hockey player, in 2010. The couple later had one child, Luca, in 2012. It was recently confirmed by Duff's representative that the couple has decided to move forward with an amicable separation. Although it looks like the couple is headed towards the divorce, it has been noted that the couple intends on remaining best friends and will work together in raising their son.

When a high asset divorce makes the news, our readers often hear that one divorcing party is trying to obtain the other's fortune. Those disputes sometimes result in a highly litigated case, but other times they do not. In situations where the couple may be able to form general agreements, the parties can sit down and discuss the terms of the divorce and separation. This process works best through open communication and honesty, and requires give and take from both parties.

When parties have difficulties in coming to an agreement it is sometimes necessary to move forward with court involvement. A court in Massachusetts will consider all property that the couple owns and divide it between the two in a way that is fair and just. This method does not require that all of the assets are divided perfectly, just that they are divided in a fair and reasonable manner. Regardless of court involvement, a high asset divorce in Massachusetts can involve many details to sort through.

Source: Extra, "Hilary Duff and Husband Mike Comrie Split ," Jan. 10, 2014

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