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Vampire Diaries couple finalizes divorce

The Vampire Diaries is a television serious that is popular on The CW. The series depicts a girl who falls in love with a vampire and falls into his supernatural world. A love triangle develops and the plot has thickened since. The complex relationships of the actors outside of the show, however, have also thickened.

Actor Paul Wesley and actress Torrey DeVitto first met on the set of Killer Movie in 2007 and continued their work on Vampire Diaries. The couple married in April of 2011 and separated in July of 2013. Their divorce has recently been finalized.

The divorce went relatively smoothly and in accordance with the couple's prenuptial agreement. Paul was awarded the $730,593 home and his vehicles, while Torrey was able to keep her Audi A4.

When a high amount of assets are involved between a couple, situations may become complex during a divorce. Many times, the creation of a prenuptial agreement can help ease the complexity of these high asset divorces. The prenuptial agreement lays out the plan if the couple is to split and can provide terms that have already been agreed upon that the couple will follow.

A prenuptial agreement does more for couples than just deciding how to divide assets. Prenuptial agreements open the channels of communication between couples and allow them to speak openly and honestly about divorce. It also helps reduce the amount of conflict in the event that a divorce later occurs.

Prenuptial agreements must be written in a valid fashion or a Massachusetts court may not view them as valid. Any individual entering into a high asset marriage may want to discuss the possibility of a prenuptial agreement with their future spouse in order to help protect their assets and their rights.

Source: Just Jared Jr., "Paul Wesley & Torrey Devitto: Divorce Finalized," Dec. 24, 2013

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