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Supporting Massachusetts children through divorce

Children who go through their parents divorce are often caught in the middle of an extremely complicated process. Emotions and confusion run high, leaving some children lost. During this difficult time it is imperative that parents give their children the most support possible in order to help them cope with new changes.

Dr. Drew is an expert on divorce and speaks directly about the impact on children. He explains that children who go through their parents' divorce are more likely to experience divorce again later in their lives. He describes the wounds as "profound" and explains it may take many years for these children to erase the impact divorce had on their lives.

One way to protect children from the effects of divorce is to support the children in every way possible. Children need both financial and emotional support. Emotionally, parents should keep communication open with their children while keeping them out of the parents' conflict.

Financially, children often suffer after divorce because of missed child support payments. Child support is ordered by the court and is paid to the custodial parent. These payments allow the custodial parent to provide for the child's financial needs. No child should have to forego half the income that is expected to supplement his or her development.

When a parent in Massachusetts is having difficulties enforcing a child support order, the state may be able to step in to enforce its terms. The state can impose penalties on owing parents by garnishing that parent's wages, taking from his or her benefits, restricting his or her licensing and imposing jail time on him or her for missed child support payments. On the other hand, parents who are unable to fulfill the terms of a previous child custody order can ask the court to modify a current order so the child receives some payment rather than none.

Child support and modification can be an extremely complicated and difficult process. Individuals with questions should contact an experienced legal professional in the state of Massachusetts in order to best protect their rights.

Source: The Huffing Post, "Dr. Drew on What All Americans Should Know About Divorce and Family Court," Cate Meighen, Jan. 30, 2014

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