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Prenuptial agreement on the table for Hollywood couple

Many Massachusetts residents may have watched "That 70's Show," a popular television comedy that followed the lives of five high school students growing up in the 1970s. In it's prime, the show attracted a lot of attention. Two actors from the show in particular, have had a lot of success since the show came to an end.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were a character couple that dated on and off during the series. Since the show they have moved forward in their careers and their love lives. The two began dating in reality in 2012 and appear happy. Sources report seeing an engagement ring on Kunis's finger at a recent event and other sources discuss the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. Kutcher, who divorced actress Demi Moore in early 2012 did not have a prenuptial agreement at the time and would likely want to protect his $170 million fortune this time around.

Regardless of whether the engagement and discussions of a prenuptial agreement are true, couples that are looking at getting engaged are discussing the possibility of a prenuptial agreement more and more. Prenuptial agreements are no longer viewed in a negative light and many couples are deciding that a prenuptial agreement is right for them.

A prenuptial agreement in the state of Massachusetts does so much more than dictate how items are divided upon divorce. These agreements also help reduce conflicts during a marriage, protect the individuals from the each other's debt, get the couple talking about problems that may arise during their marriage and can shorten the process and conflict that occurs during a divorce proceeding.

Massachusetts's couples interested in learning more about prenuptial agreements may want to discuss their situation with a legal professional in the area. These professionals can help individuals protect their rights and assets as they enter into marriage.

Source: AceShowBiz, "Mila Kunis Is Reportedly Engaged to Ashton Kutcher, Flashes Diamond Ring," Feb. 28, 2014

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