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$400 million divorce may be in Letterman's future

When a celebrity goes through the process of divorce, they often have many more details to sort through. This is typically because of the high number of assets that the couple has usually acquired through the duration of the marriage. When it comes time to divide these assets, some couples face extremely high stakes.

David Lettermen has reportedly had marriage troubles in the past. Recently, some sources are saying that Letterman's marriage troubles resulting from a 2009 sex scandal are coming back to haunt him. Rumors of divorce and separation float around the couple, and only time will tell how this situation will be resolved. If the couple does move forward with a divorce, Letterman's $400 million dollar fortune may be at stake.

High profile couples can go through a divorce in several ways. Some couples are able to sit down and come up with a solution that satisfies both parties. Other couples, however, may be unable to come to an agreement. These couples must then take their arguments to a family law judge in order to have a decision made about who gets what.

In the state of Massachusetts, a judge follows a process of equitable distribution when dividing assets. This means that the court considers all community property, or property acquired or used during the marriage, and splits this property in a way that is far and just. Fair and just division does not have to equate to a perfect 50/50 split. Individuals in Massachusetts who are considering divorce should be sure to get all of the right information about their options.

Source: National Enquirer, "World Exclusive: Letterman $400 Million Divorce Bombshell," Michael Glynn and Bob Hartlein, May 5, 2014

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