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Kim and Kanye have continued prenup discussions

Prenuptial agreements are created in order to protect the parties entering into the agreement. In the past, prenuptial agreements have carried a negative stigma. As time moves forward, however, many realize that a prenuptial agreement is merely a precaution and with the divorce rate sitting at 50%, it is a precaution worth considering.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a popular celebrity couple in today's media. As the couple moves forward with their wedding planning, they still have yet to sign a prenuptial agreement. Sources report that the prenuptial negotiations are friendly and an agreement should be signed within the next week.

A prenuptial agreement forces a couple to sit down and have difficult the discussions about challenges they may face throughout the course of their marriage. This process allows individuals to open up and take a stance on their values and beliefs. Going through the negotiations process helps place both individuals on the same page as their marriage begins.

Prenuptial agreements also offer protections to the individuals within the marriage. The agreement recognizes that each person has individual needs and wants that should be protected. Prenuptial agreements not only guard an individual's assets, but can also prevent one individual from obtaining the other's debts.

Not all couples in the state of Massachusetts decide to get married with a prenuptial agreement, but those that do can rest easy knowing that many difficult decisions have already been made. Discussing the possibility of a prenuptial agreement with an attorney is a good way to help determine if a prenuptial agreement is a right decision.

Source: IBNLive, "Kim Kardashian, Kanye West yet to sign pre-nuptial agreement," May 8, 2014

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