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Remembering children during divorce so they feel safe and loved

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining and difficult experience for any adult. Adults with children, however, have other concerns - such as child support and child custody issues - that often pile onto the already stressful process. These adults must remember, however, that their children are going through the process of divorce as well and need their parents' support during this difficult time.

One mediator discusses helpful tips for parents that may help their children through divorce. One of these tips is to play with your children. Playing allows a child to feel normal and brings both the parent and child joy. It is also important for parents to "talk nice" in front of their children. Speaking negatively about the other parent only brings pain to the child and can cause complications down the road.

While these are good tips, another act parents can take to ensure their children are adequately cared for is to fulfill any and all of their obligations to those children. Perhaps the most important of these is to pay child support when it is owed.

As parents divorce, custody of a child may be divided. Physical custody pertains to where a child will spend his or her time. A parent that receives custody of a child is often awarded child support. Child support payments, to be made by the noncustodial parent, allow the child to live a financial life similar to the one they were living when their parents were together.

Child support enables a parent to provide their child with basic everyday needs. When child support is not paid, the child is often the one to suffer. Fortunately, a Massachusetts court is able to step in in these scenarios and help the parent get the support payments their child deserves. Massachusetts can garnish wages, withhold or revoke licensing, or impose jail time on the parent that is not keeping up with their custody payments.

It is important to keep a positive atmosphere around a child when going through a divorce, but child support stress can be too troublesome to ignore. Parents who are not getting their regular support do not have to remain quiet, as the lack of payment can directly affect the wellbeing of a child. In the state of Massachusetts these parents are best able to protect their legal rights and their children by discussing their situation with an experienced legal professional.

Source: Huffington Post, "Remember, Your Children Are Going Through This Divorce Too," Michelle Crosby, May 6, 2014

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