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June 2014 Archives

Melanie Griffith files for divorce from Antonio Banderas

When a celebrity couple decides to get divorced, many complications can arise. Many of the most difficult questions pertain to the division of the couple's property. Celebrity couples often have a high number of assets and dividing those assets can prove challenging.

Tips for divorcing Massachusetts parents

Divorce can be a complicated and difficult process. Divorce can be particularly stressful, however, when children are involved. Children are often unable to completely understand the reasons behind divorce. In some situations, this lack of understanding can lead to self-blaming and acting out.

Stay-at-home parents should consider postnuptial agreements

For many Massachusetts residents, the appeal of becoming a stay-at-home parent is obvious. Stay-at-home parents are often afforded the opportunity to become more intimately involved in the lives of their children. Not having to divide their time between their careers and their children, stay-at-home parents can raise their children full-time, devoting all of their energies to parenting.