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Costs of alimony claims

Many think that permanent alimony is a thing of the past, but that is not necessarily true. Under certain circumstances such alimony payments can still be applicable to today's divorces. Individuals that go through divorce should be careful not to rule out the possibility of alimony.

Another concern many have with an alimony claim is the cost of pursuing it. Like all legal proceedings, it does cost money to move them forward. However, in situations where a strong case exists, those costs can be significantly less. Having good communication with one's lawyer is essential to keeping costs down and keeping the case in check.

An alimony claim can be established upon divorce in order to help one party who makes significantly less money. This money may be set to provide them with stability, basic necessities or even an education. Once the court establishes this amount, an individual is able to later come back to the court decision and ask that the amount be modified or terminated.

Modifying or terminating an alimony agreement can only be done when there is a "substantial change in circumstances." Such a change could be a developed illness, which requires the individual to have more financial support. Another possible change is remarriage or cohabitation.

As individuals in the state of Massachusetts contemplate seeking, modifying or terminating alimony, they should have an open dialogue with their attorney on the matter. An experienced attorney is able to speak to the individual and help them assess the viability of their claim and understand their legal options.

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