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Psychiatric help relied on by children of divorce

Previous studies have shown that divorce can have a detrimental psychological impact on children. This impact can hinder the child's learning and socialization. Parents should be aware of these issues and do everything possible to help their children through a difficult divorce.

A recent study has discovered that as children of divorce get older they typically rely on more psychiatric help. Approximately one in five children of divorce were shown to visit a psychiatrist while only one in fifty children in the comparison group had received the same care.

Although reaching out for help is good and much better than dealing with a difficult issue independently, the underlying need for help remains significant. As a parent goes through a divorce, they should make sure that their child gets all of the mental, physical and financial support possible. This allows for the child to make an easier transition.

Financial support can become an issue when one parent does not keep up with their child support payments or refuses to pay altogether. When this occurs, the custodial parent is often left in the dark and must determine ways to support the child alone. This lack of support may lead to detrimental circumstances for the child.

When child support is not paid in full or is neglected entirely, parents should not give up on enforcement. A child in the state of Massachusetts has every right to use their child support payments and parents are able to help protect those rights. Parents interested in protecting their children should speak to an experienced legal professional about their legal options.

Source: Family Edge, "Children of divorce more reliant on psychiatric help," Nicole M. King, July 7, 2014

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