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Prenuptial agreements encourage honest communication

In the past, prenuptial agreements have been associated with a negative stigma. Many individuals believed that getting a prenuptial agreement was a signal that a couple was okay with divorce. As more and more couples are moving towards prenuptial agreements, however, this is no longer the case. There are many reasons why a couple may create a prenuptial agreement and one of them is to encourage honest communication.

Some experts believe that the real benefit behind the prenup is this upfront, honest communication that may not otherwise happen. Couples are able to discuss scenarios at the point in their lives when they are most in tune with each other. Discussing these situations early in the relationship when many couples agree can save arguments down the road when opinions change.

One area that is sometimes discussed in a prenuptial agreement is future children. Although a court will determine the child's welfare based on the child's best interests, they may take into account preferences stated in the prenuptial agreement. This gets young couples involved in discussions about topics such as religion and school early on.

Additionally, prenuptial agreements can also offer each individual protection. The biggest thing protection is needed for is debt. As individuals enter into a marriage with college debt, credit card debt or possibly child support obligations, prenuptial agreements ensure that the debt remains with the individual and is not divided equally upon divorce.

As a couple moves forward towards marriage discussing the possibility of a prenuptial agreement may be in their best interests. Speaking with an experienced legal professional is one way for a couple to understand the basics of a prenup and decide if signing the agreement is right for them.

Source: Business Insider, "Here's Why Every Couple Should Get A Prenup Before Marriage," Libby Kane, August 19, 2014

Source: Business Insider, "Here's Why Every Couple Should Get A Prenup Before Marriage," Libby Kane, August 19, 2014

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