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Social media plays a role in child support enforcement

Child support orders are enacted between parents in the best interests of the child. The theory behind the support is that the child will receive the same financial stability they would have, had the child's parents remained together. When one parent avoids their support payment, it is the child that suffers.

Recently, courts around the country have been using modern social media in their investigations regarding child support payments. One mother of a three-year-old child has only received one payment from the child's father in the past three years. Although the father refused to pay, he has bragged on Facebook about the amount of money he makes at his job. The man is now facing felony charges. Different states will use social media in the courtroom differently, but in general, the information is being utilized more and more often.

As parents struggle with supporting their children in the state of Massachusetts, they should be aware that options exist to enforce an existing child support order. The initial order is created by using the Massachusetts guidelines, which considers the income of both parents. Support for education is also available in Massachusetts until the child reaches 21.

When these payments are not made, the state can step in. The state can garnish wages, deny licenses, take payments from a tax refund and even impose jail time for a parent that has not paid his or her support in full.

The financial support of Massachusetts children is a concern of both the parents and the state. Parents looking to enforce an existing child support order should speak to an experienced family law legal professional. These individuals can help parents understand the law and protect their child's legal rights.

Source:, "Social media busts parents who avoided child support," July 17, 2014

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