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Understanding how to enforce child support after divorce

Attempting to get child support from a noncustodial parent can be incredibly frustrating. Often times, arguments result from missed payments, late payments or even payments that have stopped entirely. This can be especially frustrating when one knows that the other parent has the ability to make the payments. In situations where a parent is not getting the child support that has been ordered by the court, they might have options.

A Massachusetts court is able to enforce a child support order in several ways. One such way is by withholding income or wage garnishment. This means that the child support agency will work directly with the noncustodial parents employer and withhold a certain amount from the individuals check. This amount then goes straight to the custodial parent. The court can also take money out for the noncustodial parent's tax refund or benefits. This includes the individual's social security checks, lottery winnings and tax refunds.

Courts can additionally deny certain licenses or even a passport. These privileges are considered a luxury and can be revoked until payment is made. When an individual still refuses to comply with their court order, jail time is often imposed as a final resort.

It is understandable that custodial parents become frustrated as they try to battle a noncustodial parent for child support. When nothing else is working, these parents should remember that other options are available to them. Speaking with an experienced legal professional allows these individuals to understand their legal options and find ways to protect their rights.

Source:, "Child Support Enforcement Options"

Source:, "Child Support Enforcement Options"

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