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Alimony is not extinct in Massachusetts

Many may think that alimony is a thing of the past, however, this is simply not true. Alimony is a payment from one spouse to help support an ex-spouse under particular circumstances. Today, the state of Massachusetts still recognizes alimony and awards these payments in many different situations.

A number of factors can impact alimony. A Massachusetts Court often considers length of a marriage. Marriages that last for 20 or more years, or those that contained a nonearning spouse may require important consideration. The court also considers the vocational skills and earning capacity of each spouse. Additionally, the age and health of each spouse, as well as the lifestyle established during the marriage are all considered.

Although many factors play a role in determining alimony, it is not like child support. The Massachusetts Support Guidelines are incredibly important when determining the appropriate amount that the paying parent must provide in child support cases. There are no such guidelines available when calculating alimony. Each judge is able to assess a situation thoroughly and decide on an amount that best reflects the couple's situation.

With so many factors at play and so much flexibility in the Courts, alimony in Massachusetts can prove complicated and intricate. This in no way means that obtaining alimony is impossible. Alimony was created to ensure that each spouse has a solid financial future post divorce and still fulfills that purpose today. Individuals interested in pursuing alimony should discuss their current situation with an experienced legal professional. These professionals understand Massachusetts' law and can help an individual obtain the support they deserve.

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