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An overview of child support in Massachusetts

Child support payments assist many Massachusetts children across the state. These payments help provide financial support to a child who may otherwise only have support from one parent. The payments prove beneficial to the state as well, because they keep many children and families from needing public assistance.

Consistent child support for a child often means that the child is able to experience a better life, with more of their everyday necessities being met. The custodial parent, or the parent who has primary physical custody of the child, is the parent who receives this money. The non-custodial parent is the parent who makes the child support payments.

Child support in Massachusetts is set according to guidelines. These guidelines take into account the needs of the child or children in question, and the income of each parent. Based on a calculator that has been created with previously acquired data, each parent will receive an amount of support that they are responsible for paying in the child's upbringing. The Court can deviate from this number under special circumstances.

When child support payments are not being made regularly, a parent can seek enforcement measures. In these cases the state will step in in a number of ways to help the child receive the payments they are owed. Child support payments can also be modified for a change in circumstances.

Parents seeking to establish a child support order, or enforce or modify an existing order, may find the process a bit daunting. Getting the right information can help a Massachusetts resident ensure that all legal rights are protected and all legal options are considered.

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