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Supporting children throughout a divorce

Parents with children are no stranger to their kids' tendencies, attitudes and behaviors. When a life-altering event occurs, however, children may act in a way that is foreign to their parents. Divorce is one event that can turn a child's world upside down. Parents must work with their children throughout the divorce process in order to give their child as much emotional support as possible.

There are several different ideas as to how parents can help their child through the coping process. It starts with giving the child acceptance as well as structure. Children need to feel supported during this fragile stage and accepting them while giving them routine provides them with the guidance they need.

It is also important to let the kids be kids. It is understandable that the divorce process has a huge impact on the parent experiencing the divorce, but parents should do their best to keep the adult issues away from their children and allow their children to worry about school, friends and normal everyday kid problems.

As a child goes through their parents' divorce, they not only need emotional support, but financial support as well. Financial support is awarded to the custodial parent by way of a child support order. This order establishes the amount that the non-custodial parent must pay for the child's needs and expenses. When these payments are not made, it is oftentimes the child who suffers.

Establishing child support is essential to the growth and development of children whose parents divorce. Many parents have questions regarding the specific laws regarding child support in Massachusetts. For parents who find themselves in this situation, getting the best information available can make all the difference.

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