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Divorce from a child's perspective

Divorce is a process that is known to involve many emotions and difficult discussions. These discussions are particularly difficult when there are children involved. Many children struggle with divorce and have a difficult time expressing themselves.

One child of divorce wrote a letter to his parents explaining his feelings and addressing his concerns. He tells his parents that his "heart breaks" every time he is forced to choose between his parents. He talks directly about how his parents' fighting affects him and how arguing over him makes him feel like an object instead of a person. He pleads with his parents for love and stability during this crisis period in his life. Parents must remain aware of these needs throughout the divorce process.

In addition to handling these emotions, children of divorce must to adapt to a new lifestyle. If parents cannot otherwise agree, a court will decide where a child lives, if parents will share joint custody or if one parent will have sole custody. A court also may determine parenting time for the noncustodial parent and has the power to allow an individual time with the child in order to maintain a relationship. Finally, a court will determine the appropriate child support order so as to ensure that a child has the financial support he or she would have had, had the divorce never happened.

Many of these child custody decisions are difficult decisions to make, but it is imperative that they are made according to the child's best interests. Parents in these difficult positions should discuss their circumstances with an experienced legal professional in the state of Massachusetts that can guide them in the right direction and help protect their legal rights.

Source: FamilyShare, "A child of divorce writes powerful letter to parents," Courtnie Erickson, Nov. 3, 2014

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