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How do I file for alimony modification in Massachusetts?

When a couple in Quincy parts ways, one of the issues that is often part of the process is alimony. Divorce is a difficult enough situation as it is without the aftermath causing more problems due to financial difficulty. The receiving spouse or paying spouse might have reasons to dispute the amount and wish to file for an alimony modification. In order to do so, it is imperative that the reasons for making the request are understood so there will be a good chance of achieving the desired end.

When making the request to change the terms of alimony, there are two reasons that make it possible for the request to be granted. The first is that something must have changed in the situation. The supporting spouse or the spouse receiving payments experiences must have had an altering in the circumstances from what they were when the order of how much to pay was made. A change can be requested if there was a "material change" in the situations, if there was a death of the spouse that was receiving support, or if the receiving spouse has gotten remarried or is living with a new person.

The second reason is if the alimony award was made prior to the state law change in 2012 and the amount of time the alimony must be paid surpasses what it would be by the terms of the new law. The new law decreed that there are four various kinds of alimony. The amount of time the couple was married is imperative when determining how long the alimony must be paid post-divorce. It was expected that there would be many requests for modification based on the amount of time a couple was married and how long the alimony was required to be paid. Because of that, there is a time frame to outline when the supporting spouse can file for alimony modification. It is contingent on the length of the marriage.

Regardless of which side would like to change the terms of the alimony and what the reasons are, the factors that go into the change being made need to be clearly detailed and understood. For assistance in moving forward with an alimony modification, the first call that a supporting spouse or a supported spouse should make is to a legal professional experienced in alimony and divorce.

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