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January 2015 Archives

January is a popular month for divorces in Massachusetts

January is the month of the New Year's resolution. Many across Massachusetts have vowed to join a gym and get healthy or quit smoking in hopes of achieving their goal this year. On the flip side, many swear that January is also "divorce month." It is believed that with all the New Year's resolutions also comes time for emotional cleaning and organizing- hence divorce.

What is alimony and how is it determined?

In most marriages, there is one person who is responsible for supporting the marriage in a financial way. This just means that one person in the marriage often makes significantly more money than the other spouse. But what happens when the couple decides to get a divorce? Will one spouse have everything they need financially, while the other is left with nothing?

How our firm can help in a child support case

Child support is always a contentious issue whenever a child's biological parents no longer live in the same household. While in that perfect world a Massachusetts parent could live in such a way where he or she does not have to count on the support of the noncustodial parent, such a case is rarely the reality.

One of largest the U.S. divorces continues with second appeal

On some basic level, many divorces involve the same controversy, conflict and disagreement, regardless of whether the couple is excessively wealthy or of more moderate means. However, significant wealth, property, assets, or business interests can complicate things considerably, and many high asset divorces involve issues and factors that are not present in other divorces. One example is the continuing saga of the divorce of an oil magnate and his ex-wife.