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How our firm can help in a child support case

Child support is always a contentious issue whenever a child's biological parents no longer live in the same household. While in that perfect world a Massachusetts parent could live in such a way where he or she does not have to count on the support of the noncustodial parent, such a case is rarely the reality.

When a parent is not being paid enough support, the child can really suffer from being deprived of his or her basic needs. On the other hand, if a Massachusetts parent is paying too much of his or her disposable income, it could leave him or her in a tight financial pinch, and possibly unable to spend extra time with his or her children or do nice things like purchase gifts.

Some Massachusetts residents might think that figuring child support correctly is a relatively easy task. People might reason that child support is just a matter of plugging some numbers into a formula.

However, those who live in the Quincy area would do well to remember the following: First, in Massachusetts, the numbers that go in to the formula can vary widely; second, child support "guidelines" are as their name implies, and a judge can deviate from them; and third, child support can be negotiated. If any one of these factors are in play, then what some might see as a simple matter of plugging numbers in can be a complicated mess of trying to determine how much a person really makes.

Our office can help in those facing complicated child support matters. For more information, please visit our Child Custody webpage.

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