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April 2015 Archives

Forensic accountants help uncover hidden assets in divorce

During the property division phase of any Massachusetts divorce, full disclosure of assets and liabilities is critical to the fairness of the process. However, there are times when one or both parties to a divorce suspect the other spouse may be hiding assets. This is particularly true in cases of high asset divorce; in these cases significant property interests may be at stake and financial disputes may result.

How does Massachusetts child support affect international travel?

Residents of Quincy and Norfolk County likely have a variety of financial obligations, from utility bills to rent and mortgage payments to student loans. Residents who are parents also have the everyday expenses of raising a child. In cases where parents are no longer together, the non-custodial parent may have child support obligations.

To keep the home or not after a divorce in Massachusetts

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home, and for many married couples in Massachusetts this is true. There is so much sentimentality wrapped up in the family home even after a divorce that spouses may fight about who gets to keep it. In addition to the sentimental value, for many couples the family home is among the most valuable assets they own. Yet, there are important factors about keeping a home after a divorce that many couples may overlook.