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Protecting a spouse following a divorce with alimony

No matter where you live, whether it's Quincy or somewhere else in Massachusetts, divorce can sometimes be difficult for all parties involved. Aside from having to deal with child custody and child support, ex-spouses must also go through property division and, depending on the situation, alimony.

The various forms of alimony and who is eligible in MA

Although the idea behind marriage is that it will last for the rest of the spouses' lives, it's a fact that in Massachusetts and throughout the country a significant number of marriages end in divorce. One aspect of a divorce that is often misunderstood is alimony. Understanding the various forms of alimony that can be awarded from a spouse to the former spouse is an important issue as will who is able to request alimony as part of the settlement.

What is alimony and how is it determined?

In most marriages, there is one person who is responsible for supporting the marriage in a financial way. This just means that one person in the marriage often makes significantly more money than the other spouse. But what happens when the couple decides to get a divorce? Will one spouse have everything they need financially, while the other is left with nothing?

Understanding alimony in Massachusetts

When couples divorce, many questions arise related to finances and money, especially in situations involving lengthy marriages or marriages where one spouse's willingness to stay home and out of the workforce enabled the other spouse to pursue a career. Depending on the details of each specific case, a divorce can devastate a former spouse financially, leaving him or her not only with limited to no money but also limited abilities to earn a gainful living. This is why alimony exists.

How do I file for alimony modification in Massachusetts?

When a couple in Quincy parts ways, one of the issues that is often part of the process is alimony. Divorce is a difficult enough situation as it is without the aftermath causing more problems due to financial difficulty. The receiving spouse or paying spouse might have reasons to dispute the amount and wish to file for an alimony modification. In order to do so, it is imperative that the reasons for making the request are understood so there will be a good chance of achieving the desired end.

Alimony still available for many

Alimony can be difficult to understand in today's day and age. Many of us believe that because more women are joining the workforce, alimony is no longer necessary. This could not be farther from the truth. There are many reasons to award alimony to males and females alike, especially and educational and career opportunities become more widely available to all and traditional gender roles are eroded away.

How does alimony affect taxes in Massachusetts?

Many Massachusetts residents may believe that alimony is an antiquated, traditional thing of the past. This however, is not entirely true. Although alimony many not be as prominent as it once was, alimony is still awarded in many divorce cases across the state. Understanding alimony and its application is the first step towards seeking a judicial determination.

Alimony is not extinct in Massachusetts

Many may think that alimony is a thing of the past, however, this is simply not true. Alimony is a payment from one spouse to help support an ex-spouse under particular circumstances. Today, the state of Massachusetts still recognizes alimony and awards these payments in many different situations.