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Divorce Archives

House sometimes a hot potato for divorcing Boston couples

Over the past several years, many Boston residents' assumptions about owning a house and taking on a mortgage have been turned upside down. This fact can further complicate property division during a divorce. Past arguments typically focused on who would keep the house, while now the discussion often revolves around who will deal with the burden of home debt.

Woods may remarry, but prenuptial agreement required

What is a prenuptial agreement? Can it protect my interest in my family's business? Is it right for my fiancé and I? Engaged couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere often ask these and other similar questions. Recently, a famous golfer who is allegedly reconciling with his ex-wife has led to news reports of a possible prenuptial agreement.

Interesting divorce trends of 2012

As our Massachusetts readers may be familiar with, divorce can happen for many different reasons. In a new article from Huffington Post, researchers found the most interesting divorce trends of 2012. Some of these findings may surprise a few of our readers, while others of them are fairly cut-and-dry.